Here is a selection of my favorite vegan leather bags.
Every brand offers 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Angela Roi

Created on the foundation of kindness, values and love, Angela Roi is an ethical luxury handbag brand in New York. With constant evolution, sustained originality, evergreen inspiration, Angela Roi presents the epitome of premium quality, impeccable craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail.

Denise Roobol

Denise Rooboi creates a world around her products inspired by different lifestyles and places. Her bags are both minimalistic and functional design, while using high-tech vegan materials. PETA approved Vegan Handbags.

Lee Coren

LEE COREN designs are inspired by urban surroundings and the need for escapism. The collection features handmade screen printed fabrics and original prints from scenery captured on camera transformed into versatile essentials, built to last but never boring. PETA approved and handmade products.

Von Holzhausen

Von Holzhausen offers women an assortment of essential, easy to wear bags and accessories in timeless palettes, at prices that leave out the traditional retail mark–up. With an ethical approach to consumerism, Von Holzhausen offers products that add value to the world.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCarney designs a signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity. She has a strong commitment to sustainability which is evident throughout all her collections. PETA approved.

Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood strive to find fun and fashionable alternatives to leather and fur, making it easier for us all to make a compassionate choice while still looking fabulous. They are committed to sustainability and source the most innovative, and eco-friendly materials.

Jill Milan

Each bag is made in Italy by artisans who craft the best luxury accessories in the world. Bags are sewn by hand and the metalwork on Jill Milan's bags is handmade.

Urban Expressions

Urban Expressions wanted to revolutionize the industry with chic animal-friendly handbags that met the needs of the everyday woman. Their goal is to create a world that chooses ethical, cruelty free fashion because it is a kinder option and also because it looks fabulous. Peta Approved.

HFS Collective

HFS Collective creates ethical and sustainable bags, designed to fit just the essentials, as a reminder of the ease of living a life of simplicity--a life filled with more experience, happiness, wholeness and joy in exchange for less stuff.


JW PEI makes beautiful bags with luxurious vegan leather and recycled plastic bottles. PETA approved. JW PEI is set on a mission to change, that the future of fashion should be cruelty-free and waste-free. Want 20% off? Click the link above.

The Lovely Things

The Lovely Things are a Stylish and affordable quality animal-free handbags. The Lovely Things donates a percentage of profit to different animal rescues or organisations every month.

Ethique 212

The collection of vegan handbags by Ethique 212 are heavily influenced by the designer's love and adoration for New York City. Their mission is simple - "We pledge to use only “better leathers + materials” that are completely animal-free".

Colibri Vegan Bags

Colibri Vegan Bags are modern, with sophisticated details, using high-quality materials. The productions are small scale, each series is limited, and each bag is unique and numbered. PETA approved.

Alexandra K

Alexandra K designs beautiful handbags that are simple, elegant and functional. This brand is PETA Approved.

Jeane & Jax

Jeane & Jax is a luxury vegan handbag brand that encompasses the importance of cruelty free fashion at an attainable price point. The combination of quality, style and affordability allows our consumers to be on trend every season. PETA approved.


Labante vegan bags are environmentally friendly, and ethically produced. Their aim is to give consumers the experience of luxury, of the finest craftsmanship, of a timeless aesthetic, while respecting the world we live in. PETA approved.

Rok Cork

Rok Cork believe that if everyone makes small changes on a daily basis those changes can have a major impact on the environment for generations to come. With their eco friendly and sustainable handbags, you can create a better world and do it in style.


Wilby Vegan Bags & Accessories creates a fashion brand that is both ethical and fashionable for the consumer who can be safe in the knowledge that they are helping the environment in some way with every purchase. PETA approved

Urban Originals

As well as being passionate about fashion, Urban Originals also care deeply about the world we live in. With ever-changing moods, vibes and inspirations, Urban Originals is always evolving, growing and exploring. PETA approved.

Melie Bianco

Melie Bianco believe in quality, craftmanship and affordable luxury. Their premium vegan leather handbags are sculpted with love in a cruelty free, animal friendly environment using fair trade principles. PETA approved.

Gunas New York

Gunas New York's mission is strong and clear. Animals are NOT meant to be a part of fashion. "We can look and feel good without harming other living beings. We need to connect our selves with what goes on behind the scenes and question our actions and their impacts."


Only vegan and animal free materials are used to create Veggani handbags. Every material used is hand selected and of the highest quality available.

Golden Ponies

Golden Ponies started as an etsy shop 10 years ago, and has since grown to be a self-sufficient store on it's own. Every item is handcrafted in Mexico in a small factory using well sourced vegan materials.

Maravillas Bags

Sustainable label Maravillas Bags combines modern urban design with traditional craftsmanship in their studio in Spain. Their focus is on timeless and clean design rather than fast fashion. Maravilla uses vegan leather made from pineapple leaves.

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