best coffee in brussels

Best Vegan Coffee in Brussels

Okay, so European Coffee isn't as bad as it is in America.. but it also isn't as good as Australia (although maybe we've been spoilt there). Here is my list of epic coffee (cappuccino to be exact), offering plant based milks too! Mmmm what a wake up!

Le Petite Production

Cute new Cafe in Ixelles

Cafe de la Presse

Best Coffee in Brussels! Sometimes they have vegan or gluten free treats

Belga & Co.

Delicious Coffee with some gluten free and/or vegan treats


Organic + Vegan Plant Based Cafe in the City Centre of Brussels
With Home made Almond Milk


Delicious Vegan Cakes, Breakfast + Lunch

My Little Cup

Making Coffee here is an art taken very seriously!

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